Your Pothole Gardens

Pothole gardening is all about getting out there and getting your hands dirty. I’ve been sent some wonderful gardens from around the world, here is a selection of them. If you’re feeling inspired, get gardening and email me a photo and I might send you a copy of my book!

Judit Sarosi-Eotvos in Eastbourne made this wonderful installation…

“flower-box” themed garden from Barbara in Germany…

This is my favourite video (he’s now made over 5!) from the Dutch Pothole gardener…

Julia Keim included a deck chair for a tired farmer…


Adelaide and Violet from Australia included real Alfalfa!


Melita and her friends from the Lemonade Learning blog.

Marén Wirths created a series of little gardens for the Transition Town Initiative Cologne. It’s called “tiny places of happiness” – lovely! They have a facebook group here.

Keep the pothole gardens coming in, I’ve got a few more preview copies of my book to give away!

Henrik Dahle from created this one in Australia.


Cheryl and Kody’s creation from Darwin, Australia

The Lemonade Learners sent me this one created in Sydney

Rob van Eeden added a tiny skateboard!

ABC Radio Tasmania recently ran a Pothole Garden treasure hunt and they created this video!

This jardin-de-poule popped up in Quebec. You can see the before here.


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