Here’s some recent videos from my YouTube channel:








16 thoughts on “Videos

  1. What innovation…and what joy you bring to others :-). I stumbled across your site via facebook…and I love it!! Keep up the good work and may it inspire others to see what can actually be done with small spaces and work together to make everywhere brighter and more beautiful. We all have space for a window box or a small display like this in our homes…something this beautiful would fit anywhere! You are a true artist. Well done!!

  2. Saw a story about you in EMinor…love your work and how each setting is unique. You bring moments of happiness just watching the videos without even seeing the real work. You also make me want to fill pavement holes with flowers in Oz 🙂

  3. I read a story in my local newspaper (Bonn, Germany). Brilliant pictures and what a great idea! Made me smile, truly awesome.

  4. Love your work. I’ve started regularly cleaning out the little park acrross the street from junk lying around, so i kind of get the idea of how much happiness this brings you. Thank you! It’s so inspiring and made me smile and happy 🙂

  5. What an amazingly positive and inspiring response. You make the world a better place. I hope everyone takes this forward in some way. I know I will.

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