Bristol –> Birmingham and beyond…

The pothole love has been spread from Bristol to Birmingham to Brighton to err Cardiff and Manchester (damn, the alliteration was going so well there for a second).

After my first little set of gardens in London, I headed to Bristol to garden next to one of my favourite Banksy pieces.

In the spirit of creativity the garden also included a mini paint brush set, naturally.

Pothole Gardener in Bristol

From Bristol I headed in search of a bullring…

just a little bird box...

Gardening in Birmingham

From Birmingham I headed to Wales where these little daffs found a new home outside a very famous castle…

cardiff close up

cardiff castle

From this amazing castle, I headed to the beautiful Manchester University to create a mini garden, with mini gates of course.

pothole gardener in manchester

pothole gardener manchester university

And a trip around the UK wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the seaside, would it? I headed to Brighton to create a wee seaside garden…

Brighton pothole garden CU

Brighton pothole garden

A massive thanks to the Heinz Grow Your Own team for supporting me with these gardens.

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