Holes Of Happiness

One thing that always amazes me is how people react to my gardens. So much so that I’ve created this short film, Holes Of Happiness (with the help of Cheyne and friends).

We tried to capture peoples first reactions to our gardening antics, and we asked them about what they were looking at and why they thought they existed.

Let me know what you think!

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22 thoughts on “Holes Of Happiness

  1. I love the video – love hearing people’s thoughts as well as learning how you so quickly create your gardens. You’re bringing a moment of joy to so many people.

    • Fab! To simply create and see beauty in the middle of ugliness or just humdrum. I guess it’s a bit sad if some folk can’t lift themselves above the necessary or functional. Perhaps you’re helping some do that, Steve. Well done!

  2. I don’t know if your are the first that started this form of art and it doesn’t matter… the thing that matters the most is that you do it and you do it well! So i wish you continue showing the world that nature is art! Be well!!!

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  4. Oh how brilliant, on so many levels. You are bringing joys and humour and awareness to people … Found you via a link from “Torch Lake Views” …

    Keep up the marvellous work.

    Sybil in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

  5. Applause 🙂

    For years I’ve been thinking of planting balsam fir saplings in barren spaces. I always asked for permission for ones I’ve planted in the past but have wondered a great deal how this might not be necessary in some places. I feel both affirmed and inspired. Thank you.

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